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Miovision – Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

    • Miovision Traffop

Cabinet Components

APC – Uninterruptible Power Supply



    • Meter Pedestals

PDC – Cabinet Equipment


Reno A & E – Conflict Monitors


Signal Sense – Uninterruptible Power Supply



Belden – Hirschmann Ethernet Switches

    • Hirschmann – RS30

    • Hirschmann – RS40

Encom – Device Monitoring and Wireless Controls


Moxa logo.


Intersection/Connected Vehicle Analytics

AI – Connected Traffic Cabinet


Derq – Intersection/Connected Vehicle Analytics

Derq logo.

Pedestrian and Warning Devices

TAPCO – Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons



AI – Preemption

    • Glance Preemption & Priority

Tomar – Optical Preemption and Priority Control

    • Strobecom II Brochure

    • 4090-1-ST Strobecom II

    • 4090-21-ST1IC-X Strobecom II

    • 4090-22-SD Strobecom II

    • 4090-22-ST-IC-X Strobecom II

    • DETOC1 Strobecom II

    • DET0C1-IC-X Strobecom II

    • DETOC21 Strobecom II

    • DETOC22 Strobecom II

    • DETOC22-IC-X Strobecom II

    • Strobeswitch Dual Detector

    • iLED Series

    • Multi Strobe 824

    • Scorpion Lightbar 970L

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Southern Manufacturing – Blank Out & Illuminated Street Name Signs


Wanco – Variable Message Signs



McCain – Signal Housings


Novax – TouchFree Button


Pelco – Hardware

    • Astro-Brac Brochure

    • Astro-Brac Product Sheet

Vehicle Detection

Bosch – PTZ Cameras

    • Autodome – IP 7000

    • MIC IP Starlight 7000

Bosch logo.

Flir – Thermal Camera Detection

    • Flir FC – T2

    • Flir Flux

    • TrafiSense

Miovision – Vehicle Detection

    • Miovision Core

    • Miovision Core DCM

    • Miovision Detection

TAPCO – Wrong Way Detection


Video Management Software

AI – Video Monitoring

    • Glance Wireless Video Monitoring

Genetec – Video Management Systems

Genetec logo.

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